The Miracle Box DVD


The Miracle Box chronicles the dramatic true stories of those encountering Christ in the Catholic Church's sacrament of confession. Each captivating account reveals God's grace and quiet power moving through this sacrament.

The Miracle Box delivers the most critical message of our times as it uncovers, and illuminates Christ’s message of divine mercy as revealed to St. Faustina. These amazing stories of God's mercy come alive through courageous firsthand personal accounts, never-before-seen interviews, and penetrating insights from seasoned confessors and top theologians.

As a riveting visual journey this film explores the mystery of how an ancient rite of the Church uniquely transforms, heals, and restores. Could the confessional be the door that returns us to the heart of God? Watch the Miracle Box and find out.

Narrated by investigative reports Bill Kurtis, Run time: 60 Minutes

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