Jesus' Way Paperback



Have you ever felt like you don’t really know Jesus like you should? And really knowing Jesus could change your life? Have you ever wished that you made more of Lent? If so, then Jesus’ Way is just for you.

Lent is about becoming the one thing that truly matters: to know Jesus, to follow His way, and to become like Him—to be another Christ—Christ unconquered. More than a daily devotional, Jesus’ Way treks with Jesus from His baptism through the last moments of His crucifixion. A combination of daily reflections, and spiritual practices this system will help you discover the real reason for Lent and live it for the remainder of your life.

• Forty-seven daily reflections (approximately five-minute read), from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday

• Seven stages of Christ’s missionary life, from His baptism, through His final agonizing moments on the cross

• Practical spiritual practices per each of the seven stages which get at the heart of being a true follower of Christ

• Profound scriptural and theological insights that reveal the true Jesus Christ

• By means of relevant, daily call to action, Jesus’ Way makes the theological practical

Devin Schadt is a husband, father, author and speaker who transmits the message of the glory, necessity and power of fatherhood. Devin is the co-founder of The Fathers of St. Joseph, an apostolate that works for the renewal of authentic fatherhood. Devin lives in the Midwest with his wife and five children.


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