Integrity Restored

Our mission at Integrity Restored is to help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction. Integrity Restored provides education, training, encouragement, and resources to break free from pornography, heal relationships, and to assist parents in preventing and responding to pornography exposure which is so devastating in the lives of our children. We are also a resource that trains and helps clergy in assisting families at the parish level, so that the domestic church truly becomes what it is, the human space in which we encounter Christ.

“ I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Integrity Restored for two years now.  Their mission of educating, training, and providing resources for the Church is foundational for the Church’s evangelizing mission today.  I am particularly grateful for the intensive training many of my priests have received through the week long clergy intensive workshops hosted in our diocese as well as the new parish video seminar, “Informed” which does a beautiful job of framing future conversations for parishes who wish to address the problem of pornography directly.  Please join me in prayerful support for this much needed ministry!

The Most Reverend James D. Conley, S.T.L. Bishop of Lincoln