Fathers of St Joseph 4-Pack Bundle


Engaging, clear, succinct, and very practical this series of books tackle the huge challenges we all face in striving to become holy:

Why do I experience the same temptations? Am I evil? Am I doomed? • Why does suffering exist? Why do I suffer? What can I do about it? • Does God want me to be miserable? How can I know for certain that he cares? • Why do I keep making the same mistakes? What is my blind spot? What is really motivating me to do what I do? • How can I change my life for the better? • Can I really experience authentic happiness? How? • What is the one factor that holds back the majority of human beings? • How do I experience the glory that God wants for me? • How do I stop faking it and become who God has designed me to be?

    Powerfully persuasive this mini-series is great for sharing with your non-Catholic or Catholics by name only friends. But more importantly, these books will help you make the theological extremely practical and deepen your relationship with God in ways you never expected.


    Devin Schadt is a husband, father, author and speaker who transmits the message of the glory, necessity and power of fatherhood. Devin is the co-founder of The Fathers of St. Joseph, an apostolate that works for the renewal of authentic fatherhood. Devin lives in the Midwest with his wife and five children.


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