Plunging Pornography


Americans spend more than two weeks in the restroom every year. Let's put this toilet time to use! Plunging Pornography is the perfect resource for teens and adults living in our porn-saturated culture. This engaging bathroom book tackles the tough topic of pornography from an authentically Catholic perspective. It outlines both the religious and scientific reasons for WHY & HOW to escape pornography.

Parents, teens, and young adults will benefit from this easy-to-read resource. Place this book on the toilet of those with whom you wish to lovingly share the truth about porn.

How parents use this book:

  1. Parents read the book.
  2. Parents place the book in teen's bathroom.
  3. Parents begin a dialog with teen using the included conversation starters

D.J.has spoken nationally and internationally on the topics of pornography, Theology of the Body, chastity, and the Catholic Faith. He currently serves as the Director of Center East in Cincinnati, Ohio where he lives with his wife and children.

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